Wednesday, 21 April 2010

From Factory to Jail

I Just Love taking Shots of Graffs in Old Factories.

With info on the street I made my way into this factory in Sheffield via a hole in the steel door out the back.

Full of tags and art work from Kid Ackers to Phlegm and a whole host of graffers in between, I proceeded to snap happily round this deserted gaff.

It always happens, once inside I feel a commitment to document as much spray, tags, obsenities or unusual historical debris that I can find, even though in the back of my mind I'm wondering if my personal safety my be infringed at any moment.

And unfortunately this time it was, the cops nabbed for the first time ever. I didn't run, a piss poor excuse for getting rumbled- Im lucky, it may have been a mob of pot smokin hippies who could have bored me to death with their 70's stories.

Inside an office(feeling like being inside an orifice) looking out.


Shit thats were I put that Mills and Boon.

Im blamin you... Kid Acers.

Brand new radials £50 each... Get to kwik Fit now!


Lost the fight- Mr Pigeon.

Had a tinny, a bottle of vody, a condom and a piece of card board and barfed up a hat. Sweet.

Graffiti artists are clean folk, they even sweep up... pass me the Dettol

What's he fuckin smilin at?

I fancy some cheese strings. ah chew.

Ruck rockin

Got the blue Chapstick look.

Sniffin out more...

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